Sunday, May 3, 2015

Quote: Robert Bringhurst

The mind is old snow, new snow, brooding rain.
The mind is lichen crust and stone.

Pebbles and sticks are the fountains of wisdom.

Go into the hills and remain there forever.
Wise as a snowflake that lives

for ten minutes, wise as a stone

that is young at three million years,
let the trees make your gestures,

the creeks and the gutters your prayers.

Pass the note of yourself to the river
to read to the hills. Let the wind and the leaves

speak your thoughts in their language.

Many or few: any number will do. This
is the worlds, and the world is one – either one –

and neither and both of your eyes.

And your face is its face. And the eyes in your face
are the eyes you have seen,

seeing you, in the faces of others.

- From Dogen, in The Book of Silences, by Robert Bringhurst, Selected Poems, Copper Canyon Press, 2011

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